COPACABANA - SAMPAYA - 105 dollars per person (min two people)

2 Days 1 Night
Copacabana – Sampaya - Island of the Moon - Copacabana

1.00PM. We meet in the Lake Titicaca coastal town of Copacabana.
Copacabana is the main Bolivian town on the shore of Lake Titicaca. The town has a large 16th-century shrine, the Basilica of Our Lady of Copacabana and a destination for tourism in Bolivia, it’s the port for ferry crossings to Isle de Sol. Copacabana is well known its trout, and its quaint atmosphere.

From Copacabana we make our way along the peninsula 18km to Sampaya, An Aymara community that retains the customs and traditions from pre-Hispanic times. The road will take you through rural landscapes up and over several rolling hills and into this place where time has stood still.

Sampaya is simply filled with magic, a place where time has forgot a living history, a testimony of a culture that had deep roots to an ancient world. Here you will be able to breathe a vibrant culture that goes beyond time.

Sampaya offers visitors a unique experience of interaction with the Aymara culture. The inhabitants of the site will share with you their customs, their daily life and traditions.

Sampaya still preserves its ancient architecture base stone walls and traditional thatched roofs.

We will spend some time exploring this unique village and get lost in its rich history. After our walk we will end our day with a typical Andean Dinner. Tonight we spend the night on the shores of Titicaca in a beautiful delicately decorated Hostal Aymara both traditional and modern. Here you may witness one of the most spectacular sunsets, the snow-capped mountains that frame this amazing lake make an amazing backdrop as they change color as the sun sinks over the horizon.

Lake Titicaca one of the most mystical places in the world not only is the sun set spectacular but so too is the sun rise. It is on these shores we will sit to a delicious breakfast.

Once we are packed we will take a short walk to the pier of Sampaya, from here we will take a boat to the Island of the Moon.

The Island of the Moon (Isla de la Luna) is the legendary home of the Inca goddess Mama Quila. The structures on this island were originally built by the pre-Incan Aymara culture, but the Incas left their mark on the architecture as well (such as the typical trapezoidal doors). During Inca times, the Isla de la Luna housed chosen women known as the "Virgins of the Sun," who lived a nun-like lifestyle. They wove garments from alpaca wool and performed ceremonies dedicated to the sun.

Koati or Isla de la Luna is located about 7 Kms. to the southeast of Isla del Sol, facing the ancient stone town of Sampaya. This was also a sacred island for the Incans and their predecessors and it houses a fascinating ruins complex. This small island is home to just six families but hosts an amazing view of the Cordillera Real. Iñak Uyu Palace (Or Moon Temple) is said to have been an "Ajllawasi" or "House of the Virgins of the Sun" and consists of three main wings encircled by a patio with finely carved facades.

Facing the mighty Mt. Illampu and ascending three levels of cultivated terracing, this ceremonial structure was built along a 55 by 24 meter rectangle. The building was made by Incan architects from un-worked stone and has a conjoined living complex. The rooms are roofed in a unique style known only to the Aymaras and Mayas called Corbel arch.

Upon arrival you will instantly appreciate the organizational system of the community and the importance of women's role in ancient cultures as we walk the path of women "Warmi thakhi" reaching the Temple of the Virgins "Iñac Uyu", all led by local guides.

We will take time to explore and partake in typical delicious Andean snack (Apthapi). Interact with the locals and learn more about their history and customs. Our boat waiting to take us back to Copacabana.


• Land transport Copacabana - Sampaya.
• Lake Transport Sampaya - Moon Island - Copacabana.
• Local Spanish and Aymara guide.
• Food (1 lunch, 2 dinners and 1 breakfast).

The cost of this tour includes a contribution to the social development of local families.

Transport from La Paz, We can organise return transport, private or public.

105 dollars per person (min two people)