PRIVATE SERVICE 2 DAYS / 1 NIGHT - Price 850 USD per vehicle (1 to 5 pax per vehicle)

Day 1

At 11:00 am we hit the road aboard our 4WD drive to visit the famed Train Cementery, old locomotives from Bolivia’s bygone past. Here lays train 66 made famous by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. These infamous outlaws robbed this train in 1908. Spend time to climb the ruins of trains in rather unique playground.

From the cementery we make our way to the village of Colchani, complete with a visit to salt miners workshop experience the authentic rustic way of salt production. It’s just a short stop as from here we make our way to Salar de Uyuni, the Salt Flats. The largest and widest stretches of white you will see in your life. This landscape looks like it is of another world. Salt mining is prevalent, the pyramids of salt look amazing. The area has large holes where the water from underneath of this death lake still flows under pressure. Interestingly the salt layer you drive on “floats” on a rich salt lake.

This tour will take you to the only hotel inside the Salt Flats, a hotel built from the only construction material available in the region, Salt. Plenty of opportunities to take the type of photos that the salt flats have become famous for. Lunch is provided

This afternoon we visit Inca Wasy island (fish island) where you see the giant cactus and the rocks formations of Coral petrified. Yes coral this region now at some 4000 meters above sea level was once at sea level.

The tour offers many opportunities for photos. Crystalized salt creates natural patterns, a natural geometry you will recognize on the wings of butterflys, turtle shells and plants cells structures.

The active Volcano Thunupa at 5400 sits at a safe distance to get some great photos.

From here we head go west to the village of ATULCHA where we will spend the night. Arriving there you will enjoy some hot coffee or chocolate, its cold so rug up. We will settle to witness an incredible memorable sunset.

ACOMMODATION: (salt hostel- private bathroom subject to availability)

Day 2

Early start 7:00 am, pack you gear, check to make sure you have everything as we won’t be returning this way, once packed we will fill you with a hearty breakfast, Today we visit the Chiguana desert located at the south side of Uyuni salt flats. The desert has some of the most extraordinary features.

As we make our way to the Andean Lagoons we will pass dormant and semi active volcanoes that surround the Chiguana Desert, Volcano Ollague at 5840 meters has steam that shoots from its side. Some nice opportunities for photos.

Andean lagoons are full of flamingos. This volcanic region feeds the lakes with sulphur that in turn feeds an algae that feeds the flamingos and colours them pink. The landscapes are impressive. Photographer’s paradise! From here we make our way back to Uyuni the drive is pleasant with lots to look at, enjoy beautiful landscapes, we will stop in several locations to stretch the legs and get refreshments.

Around 6:00 pm. you will arrive back in Uyuni


  • - Lunch
  • - English Guide
  • - Transportation
  • - Evening meal

  • - Entrances Incahuasi Island 30bs

Price 850 USD per vehicle (1 to 5 pax per vehicle)