City Tour

The largest city in Bolivia, La Paz offers more than visitors could hope to see in a single day.
Our La Paz tour begin in the morning from your Hotel.
We pass through the La Paz witches' market, a sprawling open-air market in the middle of the city, where women in the traditional petticoats and bowler hats of the altiplano sell medicinal herbs and spices, as well as spiritual and superstitious artifacts. Visitors are often surprised to find mummified llama fetuses for sale throughout the La Paz witches' market. These are important harbingers of good luck in traditional Ayamara culture and make a one-of-a-kind souvenir for tourists.
Other notable sights on the tour of La Paz include the San Francisco cathedral, one of the oldest and largest cathedrals in the city and home to some impressive examples of colonial-era religious art. At La Paz's central Plaza Murillo, your guide will point out the Presidential Palace, the National Congress, and other important government buildings—all impressive colonial edifices in the oldest quarter of the city.
We then head to the southern nieghborhoods to visit Velley de la Luna – Valley of the Moon. Situated just 10 kilometres from downtown La Paz is a unique area featuring lunar landscapes and bizarre geological formations.
Valley de la Luna isn’t actually a valley at all, but a maze of canyons and giant spires. The formations, composed mainly of clay and sandstone, were created by the persistent erosion of mountains by the area’s strong winds and rains. What remains is a serene setting, full of wonder and intrigue.
One of Valley de la Luna’s most breathtaking features is its varied pallet, ranging from clear beige tones to sections of red and dark purple. This natural phenomena is due to the great variance in mineral content between each individual mountain, creating colourful compositions and impressive optical illusions on the eroded hillsides.
Though the land itself is quite baron, several species of cactus do grow among the stalagmites, including the hallucinogenic Choma, or San Pedro cactus. Visitors may also spot the odd lizard or viscacha; an animal that looks like a cross between a fox and a rabbit.

According to local guides, Valley de Luna received its name after Neil Armstrong apparently visited the site and remarked how the landscape resembled that of the moon. The jury’s still out as to whether this is fact or fiction! Nonetheless this is a must see and one of the most interesting attractions in La Paz.

We also arrange a visit to the Costumes Museum and Gold Museum, located on one of the most traditional and oldest street in La Paz. However, on Mondays these museums are closed in which case we will visit the Instrument Museum as an alternative attraction. This tour lasts approximately three hours, ending back at the Hotel.


Private Transport
Tour guide (English)
Entrances: Museum, Moon Valley, cable car.


Group of 2 or 3 persons 40 Sus per person.
Group of 4 persons or more 25 Sus per person.