PAMPAS: Home of the Dolphins and Awesome Anaconda - 3 Days 2 Nights

Pampas is a vast are of wetlands and grass lands. Rurrenabarque is just 400 meters above sea level, the water runoff from the Andean Mountains, and the jungles migrates slowly towards the Atlantic Ocean some 5000 km away. These wet lands are a haven for a large variety of animals. Anacondas plus their favourite food the largest living rodent the capybara. There are six different species of Crocodilian (more species than any other region in the world is home to), including the giant black caiman. There are turtles, all three species of anaconda, pink dolphins, capybaras, monkeys, giant ant-eaters, porcupines, toucans, blue and yellow macaws, and even jaguars have been sighted in this region.

Day 1
8.30AM start we will 4x4 it to Santa Rosa, great opportunities to see sloths, anteaters, birds, and other animals. 12 midday we will take a 15 min boat trip to our eco-lodge, “The Turtles”. After you are shown your accommodation, we will have lunch. Some time to rest then this afternoon, we will go to the beautiful Lake Bravo where we can go piranha fishing, look for toucans and watch a magical sunset. Tonight after dinner we will take the boat with a powerful search light and look for nocturnal animals, you will see lots of caiman

Day 2

7.30AM After a good breakfast we take the boat along the River Yacuma where will look for animals such as caimen, capybara, turtles, dolphins, monkeys and many different birds. About midday we will return to the eco-lodge for lunch. Then, after a short rest, either in your room or in the hammocks, we will go in search of a suitable place to swim with the dolphins.

Day 3

An early start 5.30AM to watch the sunrise and listen to the rich sounds as the jungle begins to wake up, cries of monkeys and birdsong. After breakfast, we will take a short walk in the pampas to look for the impressive anaconda. We will return to the lodge for lunch and after lunch we take our boat back to Rurrenabaque where we will arrive at about 4:30 p.m.
Please note: This programme may change depending on whether it is wet or dry and upon the interests of the group.

Degree of difficulty: Easy.
Price per person:
Cabin with share bathroom 215 USD
Cabin with private bathroom 240 USD